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Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment and Light Vehicles Washing System

UQA Engineering brand has represented first-class-quality, functionality, automated solutions in the field of washing systems for more than ten years. The brand has gained a great experience by installing these products almost every region of Turkey and a few Balcan countries. You can see every details of wheel washing systems at below and under “Details” button.


We have provided more than 300 wheel and chassis washing systems to our customer with high performance and effective solutions up to the present.

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Under Vehicle Washing Robot

Constructıon Machınery washıng monıtor

Construction Machinery Washing Robot (Heavy Muck Cleaning)

The conventional washing system is insufficient to clean heavy mucked construction machines. The Washing Robot can clean large, heavy-duty vehicles with no personnel in the wash bay with remote monitoring. The solution is an entirely automatic, robotic system designed to clean large, heavy-duty vehicles with multiple monitors running simultaneously during the wash cycle.

Key Benefits;

  • Programming capacity for multiple vehicle types and sizes,
  • The closed circuit usage minimizing water consumption in high flow rate,
  • The wash system software is designed to recognize the vehicle and wash specifically designated areas,
  • The washing robot is a worthwhile investment that pays for itself quickly,